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Samsung Ceiling Air Conditioner 18,000 BTU

It is available in cooling & heating versions. It is;

  • Energy-efficient (e.g. 18 000 BTU unit uses less than 1.8 kW per hour on cooling cycle).
  • Ultra-slim body permits installation above ceilings in a space of as little as 24.5cms in depth.
  • Auto Changeover maintains preset room temperature no matter how much outside temperature varies.
  • Silver Nano Health System eliminates up to 99.9% of germs passing through the air conditioner.
  • Extremely silent in operation.
  • Choice of wired or wireless remote controls available.
  • Outdoor unit can be mounted up to 30 metres away (18 000 to 24 000 BTU units) and up to 50 meters for the larger units.

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